Authentic Dagestan
Cultural immersion tour, meeting with locals, delicious food, music and relaxation

April 30. - May 3. (4 days)
All for real
Communication with locals is a unique opportunity to learn about the cultural features of each nation living in Dagestan, customs and their everyday life.
We invite you on this adventure and become not a tourist, but a long-awaited guest.
Dates: April 30. - May 3.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 1: Derbent
On the day of the start of the tour, we will meet you and our group at the Makhachkala airport, from where we will head to the most ancient city of Russia - Derbent. Before we see its old districts or "magals" and the famous fortress Naryn-Kala - we will check into the hotel and leave our stuff. Next, we will have a small but exciting walk accompanied by a local guide. And in the evening after the excursion, we have dinner and a tea-drinking ceremony according to the local traditions in a cafe right next to the fortress.

Starting point: Makhachkala airport
* You have to arrive before 13:00
Meals: lunch box on the way from the airport, tea set
Overnight: hotel "Main Street", Derbent
Day 2: Kubachi village
Today we begin our immersion in the culture of Dagestan and go to the famous "city of craftsmen" - the village of Kubachi. Literally, in every house, there lives some master, and children learn to draw intricate Kubachi patterns at school so that when growing up they can embody them in the form of amazing silver jewellery or other things. Here we will get to know the Gadzhi's family, visit the local fortress and look at the carefully collected antiques. We will try on national costumes and, of course, we will taste delicious local food while sitting in a cosy room by the fireplace. In the evening we return to Derbent.

Meals: breakfast, tea / coffee with sweets on the way, lunch
Overnight: hotel "Main Street", Derbent.
Day 3: Chokh village
Chokh is an unofficial cultural centre of Dagestan. The houses there are located one above the other because the village is located high in the mountains. One can wonder for a long time how different it is compared to the places we've seen before, both inside and outside, and how different people are. Today we will visit a smiling hostess Aunt Haniy, who will sit us on the veranda with a magnificent view, tell many stories, and also teach us how to cook the national dish khinkal. We will also go for a walk around the village, visit a small museum with local antiquities and have free time to walk around the area.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Overnight: Ethno-house in Chokh (guest house in ethnic style)
Day 4: Gamsutl ghost town
Today is another amazing day! We'll try not to think that it's the last one on this journey and will live it brightly. After enjoying breakfast with a fantastic view of the mountains, we drive to the neighbouring gorge to explore the abandoned village of Gamsutl. Be prepared to take 40 min. walk because this place isn't possible to reach by car. Yet we must say it's absolutely worth it because the history of this place and the stunning views won't leave you indifferent! Later on, after a picnic lunch, we drive back to Makhachkala, and on the way, we see such places as the Gimrinsky tunnel, the Gimrinskaya tower, the Irganayskoye reservoir, the Gunibskaya hydroelectric power station.

Meals: breakfast, lunch
On foot: 40-50 min. at a medium pace, one way
Book a flight from Makhachkala airport with the departure no earlier than 19:00
«Main Street» hotel derbent
The cozy Main Street apart-hotel is located in the centre of Derbent, close to cafes and shops. The atmosphere and style emphasizes the flavour of Dagestan while providing all the amenities and comfort
«ETHNODOM» guest house
Ethnodom is a dream of all travellers of Dagestan. Several movies and an episode of a famous travel show were filmed here! Despite the mountainous location and great attention of an owner to the preservation of antiques, the guest house is very comfortable, and the views from the window are amazing!
What you will get as a tour participant
We have included in this tour everything you need so that from arrival to return, you have nothing to worry about.

Participation fee: 59'000 RUB/ 810 USD/ 690 EUR
What's included:
  • Transfers by comfortable minivans to all locations according to the program
  • Transfer from the airport and back
  • 2 overnight stay at a hotel in Derbent (double occupancy)
  • 1 overnight stay at an ethnic style guesthouse (double occupancy)
  • Entrance fees to fortresses, museums
  • Meals: breakfasts, tea, lunches and dinners indicated in a program description
  • English-speaking guide services
  • Cooking workshop
  • Trying on national costumes (you can take pictures)
Not included:
  • Tickets from your city to Makhachkala and back
  • Meals not indicated in the program (1st day - lunch and dinner, 2nd and 4th day - dinner)
  • Single occupancy
  • Personal expenses

What else you need to know
Clothing and weather
At the end of October, it is still quite sunny in Dagestan during the day. However, the autumn cold will be felt, especially in the mountains. It is worth taking a jacket, raincoat, warm jacket and comfortable waterproof shoes with you.
Cultural features
Dagestan is a republic with its own way of life and mentality. Being guests there, we respect traditions and always ask how the owner or host of a particular place will react to what you want to do.
In the diet of mountain peoples, there is always a lot of dough- and meat-based food, which is unusual for city dwellers. This is important to consider in order to be in good health during the trip. If you're a vegetarian just let us know in advance and get some snack with you.
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